Who We Are

Kingsley Davis is a photographer and artist who recently published a book of images documenting music and youth culture – flipthescriptbook.com https://instagram.com/flipthescriptbook

His creative background has extended into traditional and digital photography, allowing the opportunity to capture images spontaneously, then manipulate for the desired effect.

Kingsley: “I am an image maker in the widest sense, similar to a musician playing many instruments. 
I do the same but with different media. Photography,  video, silk screen printing, drawing…all are used to tell a story. Many people and things inspire me including family, individuality, imagination, creativity, love, loss, travelling to new places. Essentially my aim is to capture emotion in the images, whether in motion or still.”


Leslie Emanuel is a videographer: Self Shooting Producer Director. Started off as a photographer with my niche market being food, which was a treat to shoot. Leslie: “Photographers don’t always work in a conventional way, but is there really a correct way of working? 

My range of subjects is fairly broad, but I’ll always have a soft spot for art.

I tend to stare at things for longer than the average person, surveying its creative possibilities. Natural light and its earthy properties is never overlooked when I’m around, light creates the moment in my eyes. Videography for me is about telling a story; bring that moment back to life. Images should evoke emotion with thought, which is why I am constantly challenging myself, deliberately lifting oneself from that comfort zone. The journey into video isn’t surprising because my background is drama and performance with a list ranging from TV to standup. The love of movies and anything of a visual nature has also leaded me down this path. I try and translate my view of how I see life through my eyes, which happens to be quite abstract. Looking for innovative ways to create something different and seeing the priceless expression of happiness.

My relationship with the client is paramount to me and being a qualified life coach has enabled me to connect with ease.

Labeled a visionary geek, which is something, I cannot deny, but telling a story with creative passion is awesome, In fact it’s more than awesome, it’s my life.

Have an idea? I’ll refine, coach, storyboard, with the aim to come up with the most effective way of promoting you or your product with a difference.

If you believe that I can help, then please get in touch for a chat.